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David Hargett

David Hargett

David Hargett currently has over 11 years in the U.S. Army. His experience prior to the Army includes being a Plant Supervisor and CNC Programmer at a local glass company. His favorite position was as the Senior Estimator and Costing Analyst at a local manufacturing company in his hometown of Albemarle, NC.
Prior to beginning his career in PSYOP in 2018, David entered the Army in 2011 as a 19K M1 Abrams Armor crewman. He was part of the last graduating Armor class at Fort Knox, KY and served his first duty station in Fort Carson, CO. David also transitioned military specialties in 2013 and trained to become a 14G Air Defense Battle Management Systems Operator and served in both South Korea and Hawaii.
From Hawaii, David was selected into PSYOP in 2016, completing training and receiving his first PSYOP assignment in 2018. David has supported operations from Germany, Qatar, Kenya, and Somalia. His positions have included Detachment Sergeant and J35 Noncommissioned Officer In-Charge at the Information Warfare Center – Central Command. Detachment Sergeant and Military Information Support Team Officer In Charge at US Embassy, Mogadishu, Somalia. Dave is currently serving as the S5 Noncommissioned Officer In-Charge at 7 th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne).

His civilian education includes an Associate of Arts in General Studies

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