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Mark is currently serving as the Trustee for United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne). He has served over 26 years in the Army and is currently the Deputy G-3/5/7 for USACAPOC(A). Mark joined the Army in 1995 as a Multimedia Illustrator (25M) and was the Honor Graduate of his class. After joining the 361st PSYOP Company he became a 37F and deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina as a PSYOP Team Sergeant. While in Bosnia, he received a Direct Commission from MG Ellis of the 1st Armored Division. Mark became a Military Intelligence Officer and later a Psychological Operations Officer. He has deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and supported INDOPACOM, specifically Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan.
Mark has held positions as a PSYOP Detachment Commander, three-time company commander, battalion commander, brigade operations officer (S3), brigade deputy commander, combined joint task force operations officer (G3), and soon to be the USACAPOC(A) G3/5/7.
If Army life wasn’t enough, Mark is also a retired Professional Golf Association member with experience as a national and international tournament player, golf instructor, club professional, and golf course designer. He is also a current aviation fixed wing, high performance, complex, taildragger pilot with over 3,000 hours of flying experience. And, if you ever see the 1983 movie “Wargames”, he’s the guy in the brown suit getting out of the helicopter!

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