Remember SGT Thomas Edward Vandling Jr

SGT Thomas Edward Vandling Jr.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Place of Burial: National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, Bridgeville, PA
Killed In Action: 01 JAN 2007 – Iraq War
SGT Vandling was a Psychological Operations Assistant Team Chief (MOS 37F2) assigned to the 303rd Psychological Operations Company, 15th Psychological Operations Battalion, 2nd Psychological Operations Group. Tommy previously served in Afghanistan and was on his second combat tour while driving an up-armored Humvee as part of a combat patrol on 01 JAN, 2006, in Baghdad, Iraq.
During the convoy, it is believed Tommy observed an IED in the immediate pathway of the right side of his vehicle. According to witness statements, he turned his vehicle sharply to the right, causing him to take the brunt of the explosion while sparing the rest of the occupants from fatal wounds. SGT Vandling’s quick reaction saved the lives of the other two PSYOP soldiers in his vehicle.
He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal.
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