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John Kozlowski

John Kozlowski

John is currently serving as the PRA Fort Bragg Chapter Treasurer. He came from EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) to PSYOP in 2017. In his short tenure he has served as a Planner within the 6th PSYOP Battalion, 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) S3X, and now the Information Warfare Center.

When he isn’t working, he is starting up his own business: Koz Integrative Technologies, LLC. Whether it’s drone photography, 3-D printing, or consulting, John and his team develop solutions for whatever they come across.

John is working towards his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with a concentration in business analytics. He graduated from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Before transferring from Penn State University – Abington, he was conducting experiments in the labs as a CITI HSR (Human Subjects Research) Certified Analyst. Prior to college, John graduated from Bucks County Technical High School with certifications along with his peers. In his case, he was certified as an Electronic Technician by the ETA (Electronic Technicians of America).

He was born in Florida and was part of the first generation of his family coming from Poland. After his father served for 24 years in the Armed Forces, he carried on the determination and drive to serve the United States. His wife and son have been a constant source of determination and inspiration. While he and his wife support each other, their son is right there anxious to adventure and learn.

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